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Grow Wall (27 Planter)


Have less space @ home?
Waiting for that wall to be painted /decorated but don’t know how?
Why not have a wall of fresh greens to add the liveliness and freshness to your home!
Enjoy the rejuvenating freshness of a farm right here in your living room occupying just about 25 sq ft of your wall space!!

No of Plant Pockets : 27 planter
Size : About 20 sq ft of Wall Space
Color : White
Material : Metal Frames & UPVC Pipes
Power Consumption : Upto 1,5 unit per day
Lighting Duration : Set to 14 hrs per day.
Suitable Spaces : Any Empty Wall in the Indoors; Wall Space in the Living Room Above the Sofa

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Haven’t yet decided what to do with your walls in your living room? You can
always opt for lush greens to adorn the available space, which takes just 25sqft of your wall

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Lighting Duration

Set to 14 hrs per day.


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